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“Next Big Thing”??

Posted by bigincanada on March 29, 2009

You tell me…


“It’s O.K. if this is the first you’re hearing of Desperate Union, as their ascent has been a rapid one. Essentially it’s a fairy tale rock n’ roll story of an incredibly talented young band (they’re all under 18 years old) being discovered by Grammy nominated super-producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Three Doors Down, Finger Eleven, Staind, Plain White T’s, and many more) and taken under his wing.

Not surprisingly, a band that had shown lots of promise has now turned the corner to become a much talked about ‘next big thing.’ 

The band has a series of shows coming up, a myspace following of over 150,000, an EP on iTunes and much more on the plate as they’ve just signed with a soon-to-be named very prominent booking agent in Los Angeles. Combine that with a chance meeting with Gene Simmons parlaying into a performance at an upcoming event he’s holding and well, things are underway.

The video will be completed in a few weeks time to give you a better look at the band, but until then, please enjoy their first straight ahead rock single “Black And White Lies”!

Released by: Frontside
Release date: Mar 24, 2009″

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