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Big In Canada was created to fill a void in not only Canada, but in music as a whole. Too many blogs already exist with the sole purpose of pumping you full of the music those bloggers think you should listen to. Or, there are those blogs that overwhelm you with updates to the point where you stop reading because you cannot keep up. And among all of those, how many service Canada specifically?

If only there was a balance… a blog that promotes the music it believes in, that you’ll love, and that keeps it easy to visit. A blog you can turn to for the latest news, music, and videos from Canadian artists and about artists touring in Canada. Enter Big In Canada.

Are we going to discuss the music we love? Absolutely. Are we going to overwhelm you? We hope not. Are we the #1 place to turn to when you’re looking for music in Canada? You know it. And you’ll love it.

The “Big In Canada” Team

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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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