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Still Hip After 26 Years

Posted by bigincanada on February 13, 2009


We Are The Same

Toronto, ON – 12 February, 2009 – Universal Music Canada (UMC), the country’s leading music company today announced that Canadian icons The Tragically Hip will release their highly anticipated 12th studio album, We Are The Same on 07 April, 2009. Powerhouse legend Bob Rock, once more on the dials, tunes the words and music of one of our country’s great enigmas and talents into something completely new and yet immediately recognizable on We Are The Same.

The Tragically Hip, a dozen albums and 26 years in the making, shows us once again not only why they are but who they are, snowshoeing through new land while sowing seeds for all of us secret musicians and poets and citizens hungry for a chance. And a change. We Are the Same, brings its listeners something beyond the unexpected: actual hope. Gordon Downie’s lyrics—backed by a band ripe with confidence and skill—tackle what we might assume had passed far under the bridge.

Comfortable in their own skin, but the men of The Tragically Hip are still hungry to explore. With the same heart of the boys who penned and played “38 Years Old,” the band shows us 20 years later that wisdom indeed comes with age, and that heart doesn’t change. We Are The Same cumulative effect is one of genuine comfort—or maybe much needed consolation. This iconic band, at the peak of its powers, rests a warm hand on its listeners’ shoulders.

We Are The Same was recorded and mixed by Bob Rock at the band’s Bath House studio in Kingston, Vancouver and Maui.

We Are The Same track-listing:
1. Morning Moon
2. Honey, Please
3. The Last Recluse
4. Coffee Girl
5. Now The Struggle Has A Name
6. The Depression Suite
7. The Exact Feeling
8. Queen Of The Furrows
9. Speed River
10. Frozen In My Tracks
11. Love Is A First
12. Country Day

Critically acclaimed for over two decades, The Tragically Hip has been at the heart of the Canadian music scene for evoking a strong emotional connection between their music and their fans that remains unrivalled in this country. A five-piece group of friends including Robby Baker (guitar), Gordon Downie (vocals, guitar), Johnny Fay (drums), Paul Langlois (guitar) and Gord Sinclair (bass), who grew up in Kingston, Ontario, The Hip has achieved the enviable status of a band that enjoys both mass popularity with over 8 million albums sold worldwide, as well as peer recognition through 31 Juno Award Nominations and 11 wins.



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